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  • Bravo Academy, NMTI, May 2018

  • Yellow Door Theatre, May 2019

  • Yellow Door Theatre at Bravo Academy, August 2019

Casting information:

  • 10/11 speaking roles (two roles can be played by the same person

  • Two versions available: young adult and teen

  • Ensemble players can be added to accommodate larger group.

Crack of Doom or: How I Learned to love the meteor

Music by Suzy Wilde

Book by Matt Bernard


One day in the not-so distant future, news hits that a giant meteor is heading towards Earth and will strike in 24 hours. Students residing in a co-ed dorm at a prestigious Canadian university receive the terrible news, and each reacts in a different way. While some seek to find a way to stop the disaster or escape impending doom, others try to make the most of what little time they have left. This nearly-ridiculous but highly entertaining dark-comedy features such songs as “It’s Literally The End Of The World”, “Space Ghosts”, “Love Pentagon” and “Inside”- the beautiful-but-useless ‘I want song’ performed by the wistful Nancy.


Crack of Doom was originally commissioned for Bravo Academy’s NMTI program- a cast of 11 young adults (ages 18-25). The objective in creating this piece was to create an ensemble-piece, providing acting and singing opportunities for every cast-member. An alternate version of this show was created in 2019 for The Yellow Door Theatre, who’s cast was made up of younger actors ( ages 13-18).

Featured Song:


The 2018 cast of Crack of Doom at Bravo Academy in Toronto

The 2018 cast of Crack of Doom at Bravo Academy in Toronto